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Misplaced registration keys

You can query your registration key if you misplaced or lost it.


More information can be obtained by email:

Customer Support

You can reach customer support at:

Web Confidential Yahoo! Group

Web Confidential Yahoo! Group is a mailing list dedicated to the discussion of Web Confidential. The authors of Web Confidential participate on the list and provide support. Information about how you can subscribe to the Web Confidential mailing list can be found on the Yahoo! page below:

Web Confidential Yahoo! Group


The WWW Site of Web Confidential is:


or just type web-confidential in the location field of your web browser.


The download link of Web Confidential for Mac OS X is:


Localized versions

Web Confidential for Macintosh is localized in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

Please contact our local representatives at these addresses for translation errors or other comments.