Release Notes : Palm : version 1.4

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Also available: Web Confidential for Palm User Guide 1.4

Version 1.4.3

November 2005.

- Compatibility release. Support for devices with selectable controls like the Treo 600/650, Tungsten T5, T|X, etc.
- On devices with keypads most of the program can be controlled from the keypad.

Version 1.4

March 2003.

- Added hires icons for Palm OS 5 devices.
- Tested on the Palm OS 5 Tungsten T.
- Splashed a bug where a device would crash during a HotSync if encryption would take more than about two seconds.
- Corrected a display problem with selected records in the List View.
- Added left handed support using Lefty <>.

Version 1.3

August 2002.

- Added left handed support.
- The category 'Online Banking' had wrong field labels.

Version 1.3

January 2002.

- Generate hexadecimal passwords for WEP keys.
- On color devices every other row in the List view has non-white background
- On color devices the colour of the item in List view can be chosen in Edit view.
- Categories adjusted to Web Confidential for Mac OS v3.0
Removed the category 'Email Contacts'.
Added a new category 'Online Banking'.
Renamed the category 'POP Accounts' to 'Email Accounts'.
- The Conduit has some clearer log messages.

Version 1.2.2b3

August 2001.

- Fixed an obscure crashing bug with some passphrases
- Replacing password field with Generate Password would sometimes forget the new password.
- Pluged a memory leak in Generate Password.
- Warn when a weak passphrase is entered.

Version 1.2.2b1

July 2001.

- The Hide option should now be compatible with input alternatives like Fitaly Stamp.
- In Edit view the Up and Down button go to previous and next record.
- Added a shortcut popup menu to quickly enter parts of URLs like “http://” and “.com”.
- The application can now beam itself to another device.
- Under Mac OS the installer is now a self contained package which includes the Palm application, the Conduit and the installer itself.

Version 1.2.1

March 2001.

- Input alternatives like Fitaly Stamp would not allow the master passphrase to be entered. Keep the Hide-option unchecked if you use Fitaly Stamp.
- Try harder to find duplicates after HotSyncing with two or more computer.

Version 1.2

February 2001.

- Sometimes the autolock would set in when it should not.

Version 1.2b2

January 2001.

- Passphrase should now be at least 8 characters long for compatibility with the desktop applications.
- Don’t lock database when the HotSync button on the cradle is pressed and the “Auto Lock at Exit and Power Off” preference is selected. This allows you to unlock the database, put the device in the cradle and press the HotSync button on the cradle to start a HotSync.

Version 1.2b1

December 2000.

- Added Beaming of record from Edit View.
- Added password generation from Edit View.
- Added preference to lock database immediately when changing to another application or at power off.
- Passphrase can be hidden. You can pop up the on screen keyboard to make entering the passphrase easier. Because of this feature the hidden character has changed to ‘*’.
- The passphrase dialog will pop up automatically after power up or when application starts and the database is locked.
- The passphrase fields are now two lines high to view long passphrases.
- Fixed a bug where the Command Toolbar would not be erased, for example after a Paste.
- Under some circumstances private records would be corrupted after unlocking.

Version 1.1

September 2000.

- Installer to ease installation of both Palm application and Conduit.
- Added Preference dialog.
- Auto Lock after a timeout.
- Auto Lock after HotSync.
- Hide Password Field is now an option.
- Check for duplicate records after unlocking database.
- Added Next/Previous Field Graffiti commands.
- Localized versions in German, French and Japanese.
- Several bug fixes.

Version 1.0

May 2000.

First release.